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Super BullySticks

100% Natural and Organic

About us

We are manufacturer and exporter of Bully Sticks.  Super Bully Sticks are processing in our own well-developed pet food factories, all 100% natural, Low in Fat and High in Protein; Processed by Oven-Baked for bacteria elimination, natural flavor and freshness; established in 1999. This treats are very much favorite chew for dog. Our 100% digestible and nutritious Bully Stick keeps a dog busy for a long while, and give a satisfying chewing experience with actual nutrition. 

Our Bully Sticks are 100% nutritious, digestible, naturally-flavored, and available in various attractive categories, sizes and shapes










Bully sticks can be found in lot of shapes and sizes with quality. Now a days it is easy to being confused to buy Bully Sticks because there are so many quality variations on the market. The worst is, if chemicals or extra additives are using in processing Bully Sticks to hide their odor or increase their flavor. 

Here at Super Bully Sticks, we do not compromise on quality. We offer bully sticks that is made from all natural beef without any preservatives or others chemical. Our bully sticks are all natural and chemical free. We use our own process according to USDA monograph to process naturally odor free Bully Sticks. Our every shipment sent out after inspection. Each Bully Stick leaves here after being checked to ensure the best. 

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Production Process & Quality Control Link


After removing all blood, dust and urinal liquid from collected raw pizzle, it goes for freezing for batch production where production goes through our efficient workers, So it's 100 % Fresh.

Super Bully Sticks are 100 % natural organic Bully Sticks. They don't contain any additives, chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones or steroids.

Crude Protein (min) 80% ; Crude Fat (min) 1% ; Crude Fiber (max) 1% ; Crude Ash (max) 2% ; Moisture (max) 5% ; Calcium (min) 0.8% ; Phosphorous (min) 0.4%.

We separate collected raw Bully Sticks according to size and shape for the different categorized production.(Standard, Spiral, Braided, others.)




Q. What are Bully Sticks?
A. Bully Sticks, also called Bull's Pizzle are a popular dog treats made from only Bull Penis.

Q. Why dog likes bully sticks?
A. Bully Sticks are made from dried beef muscles and most dogs love meat. They like the taste of Bully Sticks and it’s a chew that can keep them occupied for awhile depending on the size of the bully stick and how eager of a chewer the dog is.

Q. How Bully Sticks process?
A. Bully Sticks are made by collecting raw pizzle from slaughter house, wash and clean ; then dried in heat chamber for 12 hours at 90°.

Q. What is the standard size of uncut Bully Sticks?
A. Raw Bully Sticks can be 24 - 36 inch in length depends on age, also region.

Q. What are the standard sizes of cut Bully Sticks?
A. There are so many sizes exist in the dog food market. But standard sizes are 4 inch, 6 inch and 12 inch.

Q. What are the categories of Bully Sticks?
A. Bully Sticks are categorized by diameter and shape. It can be skinny, regular, jumbo by diameter also Straight, Curly, Braided, Ring Cookies, Knotted Bone by shape.